Friday, 20 March 2015

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Hi, I am John Keane and I am a Dating Coach working in Dating Coaching Company the last 6 years. I have studied closely relationships and recognize the patterns that consistently occur. Without human interaction and the ability to attract and maintain a loving relationship life can be quiet lonely. I teach guys everything they need to know about dating including confidence, body language and mind-set. Over the years; I work with guys from all ages bankers to bakers. All having different goals.  My main focus of work is helping individuals to increase their confidence. Over the years I helped thousands of men to build their confidence to approach and attract the person who is right for them. This is a journey which I enjoy…I have a psychology degree and since then I have attended personal development courses in USA and Europe, including a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I have taught boot camps and many seminars over the years as well as One on One individual trainings. Please check Kamalifestyles testimonial page for more information.

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Tel:  (020) 3411 1138

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